Nepokoreni univerzitet SNJEŽANA MILIVOJEVIĆ

Gošća devete epizode podcasta „Nepokoreni Univerzitet“ bila je Snježana Milivojević, profesorka Fakulteta političkih nauka Univerziteta u Beogradu. U ovoj epizodi razgovarali smo o razlikama koje postoje u medijskom prostoru u Srbiji i svetu, kao i specifičnostima medijskog prostora u Srbiji, uticaju i odnosu politike i medija, slobodnim medijskim prostorima, procesu digitalizacije i medijske pismenosti, atomizaciji interneta, ulozi članova akademske zajednice i njihovim obavezama prema široj javnosti, socijalnom aktivizmu i angažmanu akademskih radnika, poređenju evropskih i američkih univerziteta. Na samom kraju bilo je reči o ulozi medija u društvu, regulaciji medija, kao i krizi novinarske profesije i lažnim vestima.

Unconquered University VUKAŠIN MILIĆEVIĆ

The guest of the eighth episode of the "Unconquered University" podcast was Vukašin Milićević, doctor of theology. The new episode talked about the imperative of social engagement, the influence of the church hierarchy on the academic debate, pseudoscientific theories, the crisis of education, the ban on public activity and the loss of a job at the Faculty of Theology, legal changes and the institution of blessing, as well as the consequent loss of autonomy of the University and Faculty, the position the church in society and its relationship with politics and government, the combination of the priestly profession and scientific engagement, the position of religion in today's society and its influence on the formation of social tensions, the solidarity of the academic community and individuals from the church, as well as the social position of priests and other experts.

Unconquered University Tamara Džamonja Ignjatović

She was the guest of the seventh episode of the "Unconquered University" podcast Tamara Džamonja Ignjatović, full professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. In the new episode, there were talks about various social problems, the obligations of psychologists to be socially engaged, violence and the normalization of violence in society, the influence of the social and political situation on experts, the use of professional terminology in public discourse, labeling, engagement through the Proclamation, the initiation of young people into social activism and problems faced by young people. 

Unconquered University
Bishop Cvetković

The guest of the sixth episode of the "Unconquered University" podcast was Vladica Cvetković, a regular member of SANU and a regular professor at the Faculty of Mining and Geology at the University of Belgrade. In the new episode, our guest spoke about the incentive and responsibility of academic workers for social engagement, the inertness of the academic community, the relationship of politics to knowledge and science, the consequences that scientists suffer because of their public engagement, mining in Serbia and the Jadar project, censorship and self-censorship of scientists in public. and lack of public debate, social engagement of students, usurpation of academic freedom, higher education reforms and the Bologna system. 

Unconquered University

The guest of the fifth episode of the "Unconquered University" podcast was Vladimir Đurđević, a professor at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Belgrade. In this episode, our guest spoke about the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation among researchers, the importance of social engagement of scientists in the field of natural sciences, the importance of exchanging and transferring knowledge among scientists, the challenges of transferring professional knowledge to the general public, the readiness of the political scene to accept information from experts, the responsibility of scientists in education and information of the general public, environmental movements and the issue of air quality and public health in Serbia.

Unconquered University
Bojan Bodroža

The guest of the fourth episode of the "Unconquered University" podcast was Bojana Bodroža, psychologist and assistant professor at the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. In this episode, our guest talked about the social engagement of academic workers, whether academia and social engagement should be linked, the importance of critical thinking, factors that influence the engagement of individuals in social and political life, the combination of activism and academic work, the applicability of scientific research, solidarity and networking of academic workers, funding of academic research, problems faced by researchers, the direction in which the academy is going and attempts to destroy the autonomy of universities in Serbia.

Unconquered University
Jovo Bakić

In the third episode of the "Unconquered University" podcast, the guest was Jovo Bakić, professor of the Faculty of Philosophy. Among other things, Professor Bakić spoke about the principles he considers necessary for the functioning of society, the vision of the university, the importance of freedom of thought and its active defense, the Council of the University of Belgrade, the reactions of institutions to regime pressures, the inertness of young people, the state of the political system and the influence of international factors on the same, the future of civil society and democracy, the position of the academic community in society, the union organization of academic workers, the responsibility of scientific workers and academia as a life calling.

Unconquered University
Oliver Toskovic

The guest of the first episode of the Unconquered University podcast is Oliver Tošković, professor of the Faculty of Philosophy. Among other things, Professor Tošković referred to the election of members of the University Council and faculty; the influence of ruling structures on independent institutions such as the University; factors that influence the frequent absence of a unified reaction of the University on important issues concerning the integrity and autonomy of this institution; the atomization of the University, the role of the scientist as a social actor; the wider process of social changes and the role of the academic community in these processes; the importance of civic engagement/activism of members of the academic community and many others. 

Unconquered University
Biljana Djordjevic

The guest of the second episode of the Unconquered University podcast is assistant professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences Biljana Đorđević, who spoke about the combination of academic work and political engagement; the importance of formal education in political life; lack of political education and citizen participation; academic vocabulary as a barrier in the communication of political ideas; duties and importance of social engagement and public expression of critical opinion of members of the academic community; about the problems and challenges she encountered in political engagement through Ne davimo Beograd and the Green-Left Front.