Nikola Cvetanović

Nikola Cvetanović is an associate professor at the Faculty of Traffic in Belgrade, where he teaches Physics. He graduated, master's and doctorate at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Belgrade. His primary area of interest is plasma physics, but he also teaches physics and ecology. In his scientific work, he has so far collaborated with several European universities and institutes through guest lectures, short stays and work at postgraduate studies. He is the co-author of over twenty scientific papers in leading international journals and one scientific monograph. He is a permanent associate of the Laboratory for Physics and Plasma Technology at the Faculty of Physics. He is the winner of the annual award "Prof. Ph.D. Ljubomir Ćirković" for the best master's thesis. He was an associate of the Japan-Serbia Center of the University of Belgrade, as a scholarship holder of the ITO Foundation. He is an active member of the Society of Physicists of Serbia and the State Commission for Physics Competitions. He was engaged in applicable projects to reduce air pollution from thermal power plants. He is one of the main activists of the "Mirijevo zeleno i zdrovo" association, which fights with the environmental and urban problems of this settlement and beyond. He was born and raised in Bor.