Intrusion by members of the MUP on FASPER

The network of academic solidarity and engagement publicly advertises, regarding another situation of violation of university autonomy, this time, due to violation of the inviolability of the academic space (universities, higher education and scientific institutions) which is guaranteed by the Law on Higher Education, Article 8, Paragraph 1.

MASA appeals to all institutions and responsible individuals and reminds that the autonomy of the university is guaranteed by Article 72 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, and that the latest entry of members of the MUP of the RS into the premises of the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation (FASPER), who were uninvited, unannounced and without the approval of the Faculty administration, this autonomy was brutally violated.

Based on the information provided to us by the dean of FASPER, members of the police demanded access to the faculty's documentation without any written order or official document. Without going into the (un)justification of this kind of behavior and referring to the Criminal Code, someone who should ensure respect for (all) laws, with this kind of violation of the academic space, exactly violates the mentioned provisions of the Constitution of the RS and the Law on Higher Education. An additional problem is that it was done in an extremely brash, arrogant and unprofessional manner. This is inadmissible and unnecessarily causes fear and suspicion, precisely in an academic institution, which has its own democratic mission in relation to academic freedoms and institutional autonomy, and which is practiced by institutional culture.

They would also point out the inadmissibility of extremely unprofessional performance of duties, which can be used as a means of intimidation in any area, whose inviolability is guaranteed by the Constitution and laws. Accordingly, MASA expects that the issue of responsibility, before the competent authorities, of those who damaged the academic space of the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation will be raised.